Gungahlin Vet Hospital


Linda with Zoe and Corey
Hospital manager, receptionist
Been with GVH since
February, 2010

I joined GVH in Feb 2010, as part of the Customer Service / Administration team. I have found the culture here at GVH wonderful, both in how the animals and clients, as well as staff, are cared for.  We continue to strive to improve our professional and compassionate care.

I now fullfil various roles as Hospital Manager, including being involved with presenting Puppy Preschool.

My family’s pets are an integral part of our life.  We have a young Russian Blue cat called Zhanna, an older Russian Blue X named Boris, and a male Domestic Medium Hair, Corey, who looks similar to a Norwegian Forest Cat. Corey was a rescued kitten (now fully grown you can see him in my photo) and is the snuggliest of them all.

We also have a beautiful Beagle named Zoe.  She was born in 2010 and is a delight, although our fences certainly needed improving as she found every possible hole.