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Choosing a Dog

Dogs are great for us and for the community. But what sort of dohg is best for you? What do I need to know before choosing a source (breeder, shelter, pound), purebred or crossbred, breed, and sex?

Aggression in cats After Separation

Unfortunately, it is quite common for cats which may have lived harmoniously together for months or years to be very aggressive when reintroduced after a period of separation. The separation may be as short as a few hours, such as a visit to the vet. This is not a status (dominance) issue, but rather a form of Territorial Aggression and is associated with lack of recognition of the smells on the returning cat’s fur. Aggression can be profound, and very upsetting to observe. Signs: Staring …

Travelling with Cats

 We want your cat’s visit to be as pleasant as possible. The following information is provided to help you and your cat to have a more comfortable and relaxed experience. Getting the cat into the carrier Why must you put your cat into a carrier? The simple answer is safety: cats who are correctly secured in carriers cannot become projectiles should the car stop suddenly; they cannot become panicked and entangled in the pedals or steering wheel; they are less of a distraction to the driver; …

Keeping cats indoors

Most cats love to spend time outdoors.  They experience a great deal of mental and physical stimulation. Cats in the wild experience weather changes, move around to find food and water, interact with other animals, and mark their territory. Their lives are enriched by complexity, unpredictability, and choice; and they exert a degree of control over their lives. However, the big wide world is a dangerous place for domestic cats. Here at Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital we see numerous cases of cat…