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The tiny hydatid tapeworm of dogs can cause severe health problems for humans. This award winning essay is by medical student Joannah Chappel. She is a qualifed veterinary nurse who we are lucky enough to employ on some weekends.


Parvovirus causes perhaps the most severe gastroenteritis in dogs, with a high fatality rate, but is entirely preventable by vaccination.

Heat stress and Heat stroke

Death due to heat stroke is a real risk in hot weather, and even on moderate days for some dogs and in some conditions. What can you do to protect your pet from this terrible condition?

Choosing a Dog

Dogs are great for us and for the community. But what sort of dohg is best for you? What do I need to know before choosing a source (breeder, shelter, pound), purebred or crossbred, breed, and sex?

Profender: Easy worming for cats

It’s extremely valuable to be able to give a tablet to your cat. If they ever become sick, you want to know that you can medicate them, hopefully without too much hassle. Ideally a cat is taught from a very young age to accept handling e.g. mouth examinations, touching of the paws and brushing. As a kitten they should have many positive handling experiences and grow up to feel ok about having their mouths opened and a tablet popped in. This isn’t always the case however and it’s helpful …


Heat stroke (hyperthermia) is a very serious, potentially fatal condition, which unfortunately, is seen commonly in veterinary practice. Dogs rely mostly on panting to cool themselves, as, unlike humans, they’re unable to sweat. When the ambient temperature is similar to body temperature, evaporative cooling via panting is not very efficient. The muscular work associated with panting can actually generate more heat than that lost by panting and the associated salivation can lead to dehydration…