Gungahlin Vet Hospital

Volunteers at DAS

Enjoy walking dogs? Become a DOGLOVER@DAS!!

Do you like dogs? Want to contribute to the welfare of dogs in the ACT? And get healthy regular outdoor exercise in a bushland setting close to Canberra? Become a Domestic Animals Services (DAS) volunteer!

DAS has two large exercise yards and a lovely bush trail. Volunteers come at a scheduled time each week and usually take out dogs for 15-20 minutes each. Sessions vary but usually 1 ½ - 2 hours works best for volunteers and dogs. As a Volunteer you chose which dog you take out, and you will receive training in safety and the aims of the program.

The dogs are overjoyed to get out of their kennels. They are friendly, active and keen to have exercise. Most are walked on a made trail. Some are better exercised in the yards. Ball dogs love to have balls thrown for them in the yards. All the dogs respond immediately and enthusiastically to human kindness. Regular exercise helps to ensure the dogs at DAS remain family-friendly and readily able to be re-homed. 

If you want to be a DAS volunteer, you will need to contact Volunteer Coordinator Simon Tadd on 62072249 or You will be assessed for suitability and will need to undergo a briefing session and asked to abide by volunteer guidelines which are very straightforward.  You need to be 17 years old or over and there is no age limit (some volunteers are in their 60’s) but you do need to be relatively fit, able to handle dogs of most sizes and do some solid walking. If you are retired, this is a good way to get outdoor exercise and meet people with many different backgrounds and a shared interest in dogs.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for the spring and summer seasons and in particular we are looking for volunteers who are available week days between 10:30am and 2:30pm.

As a DAS volunteer you can make a real and practical contribution to the prospect of dogs at DAS finding caring new homes while having an enjoyable time with great dogs. What a really terrific way to make a difference!!