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About GVH

Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital is one of the premier veterinary practices in the ACT, with a team of experienced and highly skilled veterinarians, caring, trained veterinary nurses, dedicated receptionists and support staff – you can find out more about our staff here. We are an ASAVA Accredited Hospital of Excellence and work from a purpose built hospital, equipped with a full complement of equipment for diagnosis and surgery of most small animal problems. In 2018, we opened Gungahlin Cat Hospital right next door to Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital, providing a feline-friendly, ‘cat specific’ hospital, specially designed to meet the unique needs of cats and ensure that their experience in visiting is as stress-free as possible.

We are open from 8am to 7pm week days and 8.30am to 4pm Saturdays and provide disabled access, to make it easy for you to visit us.

Our approach to care

Training, experience and equipment are nothing without care. Our staff are animal lovers and owners who understand the joys of pet ownership, the worry when they are unwell, and the grief when they are lost. We care for your pet with compassion as well as professionalism, and for you with empathy and respect. When it comes to the crunch, we put your pet first.

We practice evidence-based medicine – we recommend and treat your pet using the latest information from peer-reviewed journals, conferences and seminars, choosing the treatments for which there is strong evidence. We’ll share this information with you, as well as discussing alternatives and side effects of therapy.

We also practice preventative medicine – from your very first visit we’ll be recommending simple strategies to help your pet live a longer and more comfortable life, and for it to be a confident, relaxed, compliant and trustworthy member of your family and of the community.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing a safe work environment for all staff members to eliminate or reduce the risk to the employee’s health and safety.

All our Staff are here to HELP YOU and your pet and have a right to work in a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE environment.

We operate in a ZERO tolerance policy.

ANY aggressive, abusive, violent, or threatening behaviour, whether verbal (shouting, swearing etc) or physical towards our staff will NOT be tolerated or accepted.

Any client found in breach of this policy may be refused service by Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital and need to find alternative veterinary care. We will forward your pet’s records to the vet of your choice

Please respect our team who are here to look after you and your pet.


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