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Veterinary Care

At Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital our emphasis is on preventative health care, starting at your first visit with your puppy or kitten. Vaccination programme, diet, worming, dental care, desexing, and behaviour are all discussed with you at your extended first visit and we always have detailed notes available for you to take home with you.

Usually surgery is first encountered when you bring your pet in for desexing. Skilled surgeons, in a safe and clean environment, conduct all surgeries assisted by modern anaesthetic machines and a high level of anaesthetic monitoring by qualified staff. We routinely administer pain relief both pre and post operatively, so you can be sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Should your pet become ill or injured we have an extensive range of modern equipment to assist us in providing accurate diagnosis and care for your pet. Within our hospital we have installed automated pathology machines, IV drip pumps as well as radiology, ultrasound, ECG and endoscopy equipment.

When in hospital your pet is accommodated in hygienic stainless steel or heated fibreglass cages, with fluffy bedding to keep them warm, dry and comfortable. Large dogs have the benefit of sizeable and purpose built, walk-in dog runs. Our trained staff ensure that your pet receives close care and attention.

All treatment plans are made in consultation with you and we are always available to discuss treatment options and costs. Please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need.