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Gungahlin Cat Hospital

In 2018 we opened the brand new, purpose-built Gungahlin Cat Hospital – located next-door to Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital. Gungahlin Cat Hospital provides a feline-friendly, ‘cat-specific’ veterinary hospital, understanding the unique requirements of cats. We hope that from the moment you and your cat visit GCH, you will notice the quiet, low-stress environment that we have created. Gungahlin Cat Hospital is proud to be accredited as a Gold level Cat Friendly Clinic under the International Cat Care/International Society of Feline Medicine Cat Friendly Clinic program, which means we have met a rigorous set of criteria demonstrating the high standard of care we provide to cats. For more information on this accreditation, you can click here.

Why have a separate hospital for cats?

Cats differ from dogs in a huge variety of ways – apart from physically and medically, cats have very different instincts and behaviours. In a veterinary setting, having dogs and cats within the same environment often means unavoidable stress to feline patients.

We understand that for many cat owners, the process of taking their cat to the vet clinic is stressful and traumatic. Gungahlin Cat Hospital has been specially designed to meet the unique needs of cats – focusing on making veterinary visits as stress-free as possible. This starts with the knowledge & understanding of feline physiology, instincts and behaviours.

Our staff understand cats and their unique needs as veterinary patients. They are also very empathetic and passionate about cats – a pre-requisite for our cat hospital! There is so much information our feline veterinary staff look forward to sharing with our cat clients.

Gungahlin Cat Hospital has strictly followed the International Society for Feline Medicine guidelines for a ‘cat friendly clinic’. According to the guidelines, a ‘cat friendly clinic’ involves at least three different aspects:

  • The attitude and approach that the whole veterinary healthcare team take towards feline patients and their owners – termed ‘cattitude’!
  • Clinical staff undergo continuing professional development to keep up to date with developments in feline medicine and surgery and in all aspects of cat care.
  • Having a clinic with an appropriate design and layout, that has appropriate equipment, facilities and instruments to ensure feline patients can be cared for in the best possible way.

We look forward to assisting with all your feline needs!