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Gungahlin Veterinary Hospital is currently undergoing the Vets for Climate Care Program to become Climate Champions in our industry to help reduce emissions and become more environmentally sustainable. Our team is passionate about the environment and have been working really hard already to take practicable steps to integrate more environmentally sustainable solutions to our everyday veterinary practice.

Our current Climate Champions consists of an amazing Nurse and Receptionist, along with our Ordering and Management team to work together to implement the changes with the rest of our amazing team so everyone is involved. As we begin this journey, small steps are being taken now in our practice with our team working through the required modules under this program to gain further knowledge in this vast growing area.

Our team will be working through:

  1.     Water for Life – where our water comes from and the impact on our supply,
  2.     No Time to Waste – becoming more efficient at using and disposing of resources,
  3.     Energy Efficiency – energy uses in the practice,
  4.     The Power of Renewables – reducing carbon footprint to eventually become carbon neutral,
  5.     Buying for a Better Future – concepts of ethical procurement and,
  6.     Healthcare without Harm – minimizing environmental impact on products used to care for our patients and our team.

We regularly post to our FB page on our progression, so keep an eye out on our posts for updates.

We are all really excited where this program will lead us and what our practice will look like in the near future to help the animals in our environment.