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Puppy Classes

Start building your relationship with a new pup on the right paw

PLEASE NOTE: Our Puppy classes are for existing clients only. We are unable to offer these classes to new clients at this time.

You and your puppy will get off to a great start learning how to get along together and with others, and you'll get peace of mind by learning how best to take care of your pup.


We'll help you teach your pup to be social, confident and friendly with other dogs and people, meaning you don't have to worry when taking him out for a walk to the dog park.

Simple training

"Sit", "Stay, "Shake Hands"? Easy. We'll teach you how to teach your dog the basic tricks and skills she needs to know to get along with your family and stay safe in public.

Routine healthcare

Gain the confidence that you're doing the best you can to keep your puppy happy and healthy by learning skills such as nail clipping, dental care and managing fleas.

What's Involved?

The course is held over seven weeks, in the evenings at GVH. Over those seven weeks you’ll be mentored through all the skills you need to get your pup settled and happy in your home. Puppy classes are led by Vicki Young, Delta Society Cert. IV in Behavioural Training. Vicki has been teaching Puppy and Dog Training classes at GVH for more than 15 years. An experienced nurse or receptionist is always present to assist with training and provide other health care advice.

Vicki also runs “Beyond Puppy Classes” and “Pet Dog Training” classes on Sundays at GVH, with assistance from her son Michael. Call us for more information.

We normally run four concurrent classes that run on different days. New classes start every two weeks. Classes are arranged according to demand as we need at least 6 pups for an effective class.

What do I need to take part?

To qualify, your pup needs to meet a few criteria:

  • Is 8-14 weeks old at the start of the class

  • Has had a C5 (or equivalent) vaccination

  • Has been wormed

  • Has had a veterinary health checkup


Prices are subject to change

How do I sign up?