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Pet Insurance

It’s easy to assume that “it will never happen to my pet”, but we all know that dogs and cats can get sick despite our best efforts, and that accidents happen.

Veterinary care can be expensive. We use much of the same equipment and techniques, with similar years of training, as the medical profession. However, unfortunately pets do not have the support of Government funded hospitals and Medicare like we do. It’s not unusual for a sick pet’s medical bills to cost $1000-$2000, or for surgery such as for cruciate ligament to cost more than $3000, or a course of chemotherapy for cancer to cost $6000 on top of the costs for diagnosis. It can add up quickly – often when you least expect it.

Pet insurance can pay up to 80% of any vet invoices, with a cap per annum depending on the policy. You can compare pet insurance policies on Choosi.com.au.

We are neither qualified nor licenced under Australian Law to recommend any policy over another (only registered Insurance Brokers can do that).

According to Choice 2019 (https://www.choice.com.au/money/insurance/pet/articles/six-things-you-need-to-know-about-pet-insurance) there are six things you should consider about pet insurance:

  1. Pet insurance can be confusing. Make sure you read the fine print of what is covered, and what is not.
  2. Buying Insurance when the pet is young is the best value.
  3. Once you’ve selected a pet insurance policy, you’re typically locked into that provider for as long as you want insurance, because it will be almost impossible to find a better deal elsewhere due to existing conditions.
  4. The breed of your dog can make a huge difference. eg French Bulldogs cost almost twice as much to insure as Jack Russells.
  5. There are caps, exclusions and limits. Again, check the fine print.
  6. Add-ons for routine care can be good value.


We know you want to give your pets all the care they need and deserve, and yet trying to find large sums of money in a hurry for your beloved pet can be very stressful. Many of our clients find having insurance a relief when the unexpected occurs; it can give you peace of mind knowing the financial worry of a sick or injured pet can be taken away.